Christina started riding when she was five, although she would have started at a younger age if her mother would have allowed it. She has always loved horses. In her earlier years of riding she was primarily involved in 4-H. She competed at the national horse roundup twice. Once for a demonstration on equine massage and its benefits, and once for public speaking on the topic of training and its history. During this time she decided to dedicate herself to bringing awareness to equestrians, big and small, about the importance of understanding and respecting the horse. Her first training prospect, a 14.2 hand paint mare, taught her the importance of pateince and observation. This was Christina's first true lesson in the art and complexity of horse "training". It was not long after this that Christina began her riding instruction career at a local farm. 

Christina made the decision, at the early age of 15, to dedicate her life to working with children and horses. She started her college career at Saint Andrews college in North Carolina, where she majored in equine business management and therapeutic riding. After two years in the therapeutic riding program, christina decided that she wanted to pursue Hippotherapy, which is actual physcial, occupational or speech therapy on horseback. Christina received her bachelors degree in Psychology and Neuroscience in 2006. She began working in the inpatient and outpatient settings with people with severe mental illness. She began graduate school, for Occupational Therapy, at the University of New Hampshire in the fall of 2007, with the intention of becoming an occupational therapist, which would allow her to practice Hippotherapy. Throughout graduate school Christina continued training and instructing individuals of all ages around Central New Hampshire. 

Christina received her masters degree in Occupational Therapy in July of 2009. After passing the national board exam and becoming licensed in the state of New Hampshire, she began practicing as a pediatric occupational therapist. Christina has participated in courses for Hippotherapy through the American Hippotherapy Association. She is currently working toward providing Hippotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning in the central New Hampshire community. 

Christina's philosphy surrounding both training and riding has remained consistent and ever-growing through the years. She believes that mastering the simple concepts and feelings of riding is the key to success in all areas. Whether you just love to hack or you want to compete, Christina's approach is methodical and educational. Growing up riding with a centered riding instruction, Christina learned to employ foundational concepts of balance, core strength and breathing with classical theory. Throughout her experiences Christina has also developed a firm belief that the relationship between man and horse is a sacred one that requires a unique form of communication. This method of communication brings pleasure, understanding and satisfcation to both parties. 

"There is no such thing as training horses... you are communicating, learning and teaching skills."

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