"Equus: Majestic and Therapeutic... There is No Experiences Like It!"

Hippotherapy is "treatment with the help of the horse". It was first formed as a modality in the 1960's in Europe and has been a growing therapeutic intervention since. The therapeutic nature of the horse can be noted all the way back in history to Hippocrates and is especially popular with Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists today.





Our Mission:

Helping Hooves Hippotherapy & N.E.O.T. focuses on providing therapeutic services to the communities of New Hampshire.

Our goal is to promote patient education, comprehensive evaluations and improvements in functional performance

for maximum and quality participation in life's occupations. 





Our Approach:

Helping Hooves Hippotherapy & N.E.O.T. currently provides occupational therapy services in both the community and equestrain facility settings. We value the need to provide therapy in various environments to maximize development and growth in all areas of living. The farms we provide therapy services at compliment the holistic therapeutic approach and provide a unique alternative to traditional clinical settings.

Horses provide humans with a deep insight on communication skills, self-esteem and problem solving along with the ever important similarities in how the horse and human move. Sensory experiences on the farm are also unique and often offer a good approach to Sensory Processing difficulties, helping our clients improve their sensory systems function. Providing intervention on the farm and transfering learned skills to the community helps our clients to fully participate in life's occupations. 

What does Hippotherapy help with?

  • Breath Support
  • Postural Control
  • SensoryProcessing difficulties
  • Motor control
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Motor planning/praxis
 Equine Assisted Learning:

So what can we learn from horses?

The goal of Equine Assisted Learning is to improve or develop social skills, problem solving abilities, self-esteem, leadership skills and communication skills. The Equine Assisted Learning program at Ever-Green Stables employs a variety of exercises that encompass the above areas and provides "in the moment" experiences that greatly influence learning. 

Who can participate?

EVERYONE! We believe that everyone can learn something from horses. Whether you are shy? have trouble relating to others? have low self esteem? or any other area, horses and the farm enviornment can provide just the right experience! 

Please visit the E.A.L. page to learn more. 




 How to get involved


If you are interested in our services please call (603) 455-4127. We will conduct a brief interview over the phone and set up a barn tour with you.  You may also email us for more information. Please fill out the information request on the Contact Us page. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please submit an information request through our Contact Us page. 
















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