"By its very nature, horseback riding influences the person as a whole. Mental health, physical health and overall self-esteem
flourish in the presence of equines large and small. It is the recognition of this fact that sets us apart from other equestrian services.
It is that fact that will allow growth and the building of equine education within our community." - CLH

For a detailed description of our philosophy and training approach please visit our training and lesson pages. 

Every horse and every rider are unique! because of this we ALWAYS tailor a training program to meet your specifc needs. Many of our consultation services offer a comprehensive report. To view a sample of a Pre-Purchase evaluation report click here.


 List of Services and Prices


Consultation and Training


 Barn Safety Assessment
 30.00/10.00 for analysis and recommendation report.
 Tack Fitting Assessments
 Horse Purchase Consultation


 Horse Purchase Assessment
 Ground Manners Training
25.00 per session
 Basic Training 30.00 per session ( ex: touch-ups, specific skills, long-lining, round-pen work)
 Green Training 40.00 per session ( ex: long-lining, lunging, ground work, round-pen, "ground-up", tacking, basic gait training)
 Full Green Training
 45.00 per session 
Instruction & Instructed Training
 Horsemanship  25.00
 Riding Instruction 40.00 per hour / 25.00 per half hour *We Travel*
 Learning as a Team Lesson 40.00 per session (horse and rider training combination)
   ** All of our lesson programs can become group learning experiences and/or clinics** Please contact us about group rates. 
Grooming Services 
 Basic Grooming
15.00 per session
 Bathing/Clipping 20.00/15.00
 T-Touch Massage 30.00 per session
 Video Services

 ** Video Services are priced according to the project.Please call for more information! **



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