Horsemanship and riding are a continuous learning process, even for the BEST of riders. Here at E.G.S. we value that and take pride in implementing a comprehensive and dynamic approach to both training and riding. We believe that there is always room for modification of techniques to ensure the most positive learning experience for your horse. 




We use a combination of the following in our training programs:

  • Round-Pen work
  • Ground Manners Exercises
  • Long-Lining
  • Lunging
  • Natural Horsemanship
  • T-Touch Massage
  • Resistance Free-Riding
  • The American System of Forward Riding
  • Centered Riding/Training
 Peek Into a Training Session...
  • A good grooming session (T-Touch as needed) followed by important sensory input to allow relaxation and organization.
  • Ground work and lunge/long-lining
  • Skill building/Teaching
  • Wrap up, cool down, rub down
  • reflections in training journal (for clients to read about progresses and roadblocks etc..)
 Why Choose E.G.S. for your Training Needs??
  • Ever-Green Stables takes extra care to make sure that the training experiences is a pleasant one for both horse and rider. It is very important for us that both client and horse "walk" away from their training experiences with a greater understanding of each others expectations, quirks and perks!
  • We value education, safety and happiness! In order to be good at what you do, you need to love what you do... and WE DO!!
  • Our training approach is not rigid or strict. This means your horse will not be pushed into "submission".... he/she will become your partner.
  • E.G.S. wants you to know whats going on! Every horse in training has a journal that is designed for you! this will help you keep up to speed on your horses progress, likes, dislikes and most importantly... what works best for him/her.
  • Our trainers experience, education and compassion for the career brings with it drive, determination and confidence.
 Don't Forget the Assessment!

 So why do we offer a FREE assessment??

  • We value the quality fo the relationship between horse, rider and trainer. We want to make sure that the triad will be a good fit for all involved. Typically the assessment takes one hour. Here is how it works: 

  - You call about our training services and we ask you for some basic information. 

  - We decide on a convenient time to meet.

  - The assessment involves observation of several performance areas. 

  - We talk about the assessment and recommendations for a training program. 

  - You decide if you want to continue with the training process.

Over the years this has proven to be an effective way to create not only the best training plan but also the best relationship for all parties. 
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